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Dear Mayor Lee, Can you help me with some questions about UBER?


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Intent to Evict ~ July 2014, Complete

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Show Name Detail Show APN Detail 07/23/2014 J913446-00 [CONSTRAINTS]
2014 J913446-00 07/23/2014 [NO ADDR] 0247-037
Show Name Detail Show APN Detail 07/23/2014 J913445-00 [CONSTRAINTS]
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Intent to Evict Notices ~ This Month, So Far

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Show Name Detail Show APN Detail 08/20/2014 J929014-00 [CONSTRAINTS]
2014 J929014-00 08/20/2014 [263 to 265 CLIPPER ST; ] 6553-031
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Vexed in the CNET Bubble: Welcoming new techies with a middle finger salute

Before we begin in earnest, let’s take a look at the title of this piece: ” Welcoming new techies with a middle finger salute”. It’s obvious, according to this article, certainly, that the ‘new techies’ are not being welcomed by some residents of San Francisco. But acknowledging that would ruin a catchy attention-grabbing title. So right off the bat journalistic integrity is sacrificed to a pandering yellow-journalism headline.

Vexed in the CNET Bubble: Welcoming new techies with a middle finger salute

The new era of dot-com fortunes spurs plenty of angst aimed at San Francisco’s most privileged, but it hasn’t stopped tech workers from moving in.

This story is part of a CNET special report that examines the controversy gripping San Francisco as a massive influx of techies feeds an unprecedented economic boom — and backlash.

“Die Techie Scum.”

So reads the bumper sticker that a local activist group calling itself Defend The Bay Area has directed at the thousands of new city dwellers who moved here in the great migration of software companies to San Francisco in the last few years.

  • You choose to take the extremist quote (‘Die Techie Scum’) as indicative of the whole? If it suits your purpose, sure, why not. And, tit for tat, let’s say the moronic pronouncements of Tom Perkins, and Peter Thiel, and (he seems so long ago, but he’s not; that’s how fast things are happening here) Greg Gopman, are indicative of the opinions of every rider on the tech commuter shuttle buses. Are we good with that?
  • The ‘great migration’, more often than not, is that of tech workers, not the companies they work for. They (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc) have chosen to offer the benefits of living in San Francisco (via free shuttle buses and other amenities) to their employees while avoiding the cost of the company itself directly doing business here in the city. And as to those companies who have actually ‘migrated’ here, they have also, mostly, migrated their employees here with them; very few new jobs have been created by these companies for current residents of San Francisco, compared to the jobs filled in by their current employees who moved here, or lived here already.

Defend The Bay Area’s website is powered by WordPress and it uses Twitter to help organize its movement, but its tagline is “Fight the Tech Takeover.”

  • I’m about to call PETA, and the SPCA, for the never-ending flogging of this dead horse. “You’re using technology to criticize technology” has been used over and over and over to apparently negate (and denigrate) all opposition to these companies and the havoc their policies and money and political influence are wreaking upon others and their communities; and then been debunked more times than it’s been posited, but no-one seems to be listening. Any journalist, or publication, who still advances this fallacy is either lazy, or incompetent, or biased, or…? Take your pick. Maybe they’re a little bit of all the above.

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The 5 Stages of San Francisco Gentrifuckation Politics


The complete Preamble to the San Francisco City Charter:

In order to obtain the full benefit of home rule granted by the Constitution of the State of California; to improve the quality of urban life; to encourage the participation of all persons and all sectors in the affairs of the City and County; to enable municipal government to meet the needs of the people effectively and efficiently; to provide for accountability and ethics in public service; to foster social harmony and cohesion; and to assure equality of opportunity for every resident:

We, the people of the City and County of San Francisco, ordain and establish this Charter as the fundamental law of the City and County.

We seem to have lost our way…

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Punishable by Death: Cigarillos, BB Guns, Skittles…and White Women

“There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.” — Oprah Winfrey


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And the Winner is… Hayes Valley!

San Francisco rent explosion: Median rent for two-bedroom apartment tops $4K | SF Politics.

The study breaks the data down by neighborhood. Hayes Valley topped the list, with a median rent of $3,750 for a one-bedroom apartment. The Financial District and the Castro were second and third most expensive, with the Bayview coming in last at $1,425 a month.

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Breaking News from Hoodline ~ Cafe Evic-Tea


An Interview with local Hayes Valley Entrepreneur Guss Dolan

HOODLINE: Guss, this is a fantastic idea! How did you come up with it?

GUSSDOLAN: I can’t take all the credit. I saw your post about Kit-Tea, and I thought “Hey, I can cash in on this too.”

HOODLINE: What can you tell us about your project?

GUSSDOLAN: I’m opening up a cafe, here in Hayes Valley, where you can come in, have a cup of expensive tea, and socialize with an evicted person–preferably someone who’s been evicted from Hayes Valley.

HOODLINE: Fantastic! Do you have a location lined up yet?

GUSSDOLAN: I’ve got my eye on a couple of places in the neighborhood. I like the Kit-Tea model, where you offer a service that’s normally targeted to the elderly, or the ill, but you run it out of a new condominium complex where the housing cost is way out of reach of those very people. That gives Kit-Tea a threefold advantage, right out of the gate: (1) They won’t be that busy at the beginning, so they’ll have plenty of time to work out the kinks before the IPO; (2) They’ll garner a lot of great PR from publications like yours when the tweets and vines start pouring in from the stressed-out condo owners in the complex who drop in for a visit; and (3) They’re not going to be bogged down with a bunch of elderly and sick people. Not too many primo selfies coming out of that crowd.

HOODLINE: Well, you’ve certainly got a lot of new developments in the neighborhood to choose from.

GUSSDOLAN: Yes, but I’m also thinking in the opposite direction. If I can purchase a 4 unit apartment building here in the neighborhood, Ellis Act their lame asses out of there, then sign them up as our first Evic-Teas… Voila! Instant PR gold!

HOODLINE: Fantastic! Do you have a pricing scheme yet?

GUSSDOLAN: We’ll start with what we call the ‘Basic Rate’, where we show you to your table, take your tea order, then when you’re ready we’ll march several independently contracted Evic-Teas past your table for you to choose from.

HOODLINE: That sounds like it might be somewhat awkward.

GUSSDOLAN: No, they don’t mind. It’s all clearly defined in the non-disclosure agreement they sign.

HOODLINE: I meant awkward for the tea drinking customer.

GUSSDOLAN: Oh. Sure. In that case you’ll want to sign up for our ‘Better Basic Rate’. In this case we provide you with an IPad where you can scroll the photos, with brief bios, of the available independent contractor Evic-Teas while they wait in the independent contractors’ lounge area, behind the kitchen. Did I mention that everyone we use is an independent contractor? They are not, I repeat NOT, employees.

HOODLINE: I think that’s great. Independent contractors, facing hard times, and you’re giving them an opportunity to share their stories to help them get back on their feet.

GUSSDOLAN: We do what we can in this sharing economy. I only wish these losers had more to share, and not just their ‘woe is me’ hard luck stories.

HOODLINE: I heard you have a ‘Gold Key Customer’ package?

GUSSDOLAN: Yes. That’s where you’re matched up with the Evic-Tea who lived in your apartment just before you. We provide the former resident with a cellphone that accepts incoming calls only, and only from your cellphone number, and they’re on-call, 24/7, for whenever you’d like to chat. These Gold Key independent contractors can provide you with invaluable information and history about your new neighborhood. They’ve also signed a contract which allows you to appropriate their fondest memories, and hilarious anecdotes, about living in your neighborhood, as your own.

HOODLINE: Fantastic! And what’s your business model? Are you a non-profit?

GUSSDOLAN: We will aim toward profitting the community in which we serve. As we grow, and learn, our methods and objectives will grow and learn too. We intend to disrupt the disruption in the community.

HOODLINE: Fantastic! Well, I know you’re very busy trying to get this thing off the ground, and I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to us here at HoodLine. Is there any last thought you’d like to leave us with?

GUSSDOLAN: Yes, I would. I wish I had more time to give you more details about our project, but things happen so fast, on the internet, and here in Hayes Valley, that I just want to get our message out as quick as I can, before someone comes along with another idea that steals our limelight, like ‘Hummos for the Homeless’, or ‘PayPal PenPals — Adopt your Barrista’.

HOODLINE: Fantastic, Guss. We can’t wait to hear more on how this unfolds.

GUSSDOLAN: I think you’re fantastic.

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Month Long Dattani Call-In


Month Long Dattani Call-In.


So man landlords so little time. Unfortunately, our dear friends Tom and Patricia are facing a deadline with their bad landlord, one Mr. Kaushik Dattani..Boo!!!

Which is why we are asking you to repeatedly reach out to him throughout this month, asking him to stop the ecition of his 22nd Street tenants.

If you are not sure what to say, we have a suggestion:

“”Hi, my name is______ and I am asking you today, Tax Day, to cease the eviction of your tenants at 3305 20th Street. I am aware that Tom and Patricia have been loyal, responsible, rent paying tenants, and that Patricia is living off of disability income and may not be easily rehoused. This is not right. Please, have a heart, and consider the people that will be hurt by this eviction if it continues to happen.”

Contacts are:
Office Phone: 415-546-1238
Cell Phone: 415-742-0888
Fax: 415-546-1421

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